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USS Wisconsin Retired Signal Flags (Limited Quantity)


Retired Signal Flags were previously flown on the USS Wisconsin *LIMITED QUANTITY

The USS Wisconsin Battleship retires dozens of signal flags every year due to wear. These are not new, they were used on the Battleship, flying for dress ship on Holidays. They can no longer be flown on the ship because they are too “worn” for service but make a terrific souvenir or present for the Sailor in your life. Worn is just tattered in the case of most of the flags. These flag conditions are sold as-is!

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Limited Quantities!

Flag Codes

Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Flag Codes

Alpha "A", Bravo "B", Charlie "C", Delta "D", Echo "E", Golf "G", Hotel "H", Juliet "J", Kilo "K", Lima "L", Mike "M", November "N", Oscar "O", Papa "P", Romeo "R", Tango "T", Uniform "U", Victor "V", Whiskey "W", Xray "X", Yankee "Y", Zulu "Z", One "1", Two "2", Four "4", Five "5", Six "6", Eight "8", Nine "9", Code, P3, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, CORP, DESIG, EMERG, NEGATIVE, PREP, SPEED, TURN, 2ND SUB, 3RD SUB


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