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USS Wisconsin (BB-64): From World War II to the Persian Gulf to Museum Ship by David Doyle


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About the book:

Carrying the highest hull number ever assigned to a commissioned US battleship, the Wisconsin was the last of the four Iowa-class battleships—along with the Iowa, New Jersey, and Missouri. The Wisconsin fought through the final year of WWII, saw extensive service during the Korean War, and then was recalled to arms to liberate Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1991. During the latter war, Wisconsin not only loosed its massive 16-inch cannons but launched Tomahawk cruise missiles deep into enemy territory. Finally released from Navy service, the battleship today is a floating museum moored near downtown Norfolk, Virginia. This book, through more than 250 photos, documents the battleship from design and construction, through combat during each of its wars, to its preservation today.

Size: 9″ x 9″ x 3/4″ | 258 color and b/w photos | 128 pp | Binding: hard cover


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