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“Bucky” the Badger Plush 11″


Adorable, memorable “Bucky” the Badger is now available in plush! Find him onboard the BB-64 while on your visit to the Battleship. 11 x 5 x 6 inches

WISCONSIN’S figurehead was a Badger, the state animal. His name was ‘Bucky’. He rode atop a shield bearing the word ‘Forward’, the Wisconsin’s state motto. The state and the ship chose ‘Bucky’ because the badger is tenacious in defending his territory. Close in on him and he will growl and snarl; take a second step and he will hiss; take the third step at your own peril. Badgers are tough and vicious; nothing stops them when they are pushed too far. 

Bucky the Badger Scavenger Hunt

“Bucky Badger”: Not the UW Mascot



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